Bookkeeping solutions for freelancers and service based small businesses


Epiteléō (pronounced ep-ee-tel-eh'-o) - ἐπιτελέω verb; to bring to an end, do, execute, finish; to accomplish perfectly or fulfil completely

At Epiteleo Bookkeeping, we value integrity and you can trust that we will deliver a complete service that will give you freedom to grow and enjoy running your business. We aim to provide you with up-to-date records and straightforward systems that help your business run efficiently.


Paperless Cloud Accounting


Access your financial records anywhere on any device with Xero. Let us help you say goodbye to expensive hardware, the mess of a cluttered office, and the hassle of running constant backups

Payroll & Super


We offer peace of mind that your employees' wages and superannuation contributions are set up correctly and reported accurately through Single Touch Payroll

BAS Services

We'll help you stay compliant with the ever-changing requirements of the ATO and keep you up to date with your Monthly or Quarterly GST & PAYG obligations